Cabot Advertising & Promotion Commission
Our Mission Statement
To manage the tax receipts collected through the sales tax all restaurants and prepared food is 1.5%, and all hotels are 3%, and to enhance the lives of the citizenry of Cabot through tourism promotion and the growth of the City's Parks and Recreation Department.

What is the A & P Commission?

The Cabot Advertising and Promotion Commission was created by the City in 1993. Its stated purpose is to improve the overall economy of Cabot. This goal is accomplished by the attraction of visitors to the community through the creation and promotion of events, attractions, and tourism related activities. The Commission also works to enhance the city's overall quality of life, through the development of community parks and other recreational facilities.

The Cabot Advertising and Promotion revenues are derived from the 1.5% sales tax for all restaurants and prepared food establishments and all hotels are 3% sales tax upon the gross receipts received from Cabot businesses from the sale of prepared foods and beverages and other sources as may be approved by the Cabot City Council and the Commission.

Projects Funded by the Cabot A & P Commission