Cabot Advertising & Promotion Commission

Funding Requests

Advertising and Promotion Commission Application for Funding

This Application must be completed in full and submitted with all applicable documents and information. If this documentation and information is not provided, it will be deemed incomplete and will not be considered.

The Cabot Advertising and Promotion Commission (A&P Commission) has a funding program where entities may apply for grant monies from the A&P Commission to help offset the cost of their event or program. The primary purpose of this program is to promote the City of Cabot and attract visitors from outside the Cabot area. Entities awarded funds must follow all A&P Commission guidelines and requirements to receive allocated dollars.

  • Recognition: Entities receiving funding from the A&P Commission are required to include the “Cabot Advertising & Promotion Commission” logo on all printed material. Any other use of the logo shall not be used without express consent from the A&P Commission.
  • Availability: Funding is subject to availability of funds.
  • Year-to-Year Support: Past support does not obligate the A&P Commission to continue support in subsequent years. Entities should not assume nor budget A&P support annually.
  • Economic Impact: The purpose of the A&P Commission is to promote the City of Cabot. It is important for the applicant to provide insight to the proposed event’s economic impact to the City of Cabot.
  • Debts: It is the sole responsibility of the requesting organization to properly plan their event or project and manage their funds in a manner that demonstrates both fiscal accountability and management responsibility. The A&P Commission will not “bail out” events that incur losses
  • Indemnification: Organizations agree in writing to indemnify the A&P Commission of any liability associated with the organization or event.
  • Freedom of Information Act: The applicant must acknowledge understanding that any support from the A&P Commission is subject to the Freedom of Information Laws as stated in The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.

Written Application and Supporting Documents: All requests must be submitted using this Application. Additional documentation and information are required as stated in this Application. If this Application is incomplete, the funding request will not be considered.

Download PDF Form Funding Request PDF

Advertising and Promotion Commission requires a budget recap and verifiable invoices within 30 days of the event if I am funded.

Download PDF Form Funding Request Recap Form PDF